We had a very personal, 10 person group for our second meeting. Not bad for a hot, Friday afternoon.  The La Pietra Atherton Conference room was cool , the new executive chairs comfortable, and the new ceiling mounted projector a pleasure to watch.  Members ranged from people looking for developers to help them with their projects, to independent developers wrangling a number of projects, to business owners looking to better leverage their FileMaker system.

We started on time and introduced ourselves and gave brief descriptions of our projects and top concerns.  Then it was on to seeing FileMaker Go in action, connected to a live database.  It was interesting watching an iPhone screen projected six feet wide. Wish they were always that easy to read.   One of the highlights was browsing Google Maps within a FileMaker web viewer.  The functionality of FileMaker Go seems unlimited.

Then it was on to the main topic of the meeting – Dynamic Menu – which combines many features of FileMaker into one highly useful solution: The security model, layout names, advanced scripting with global variables, conditional formatting, and button parameters.  The presentation and demo files will be available in SOLUTIONS later this weekend.

We wrapped things up with a quick demonstration of setting up a “join” file for a many to many relationship, and then unanimously agreed that the next meeting should focus on the relationship graph.  Milton will speak about “anchor buoy” relationship modeling.

So use the JOIN form or register on this site so we can let you know the date of the next meeting.

Have a great FileMaking weekend!