The focus of the November 5, 2010 meeting was “anchor buoy” relationship graph design.  Eleven attendees relearned an effective way to structure table occurrences in FileMaker’s relationship graph.

Milton’s humble demeanor and unbridled enthusiasm for FileMaker made for an enjoyable and informative presentation. His MacBook Air was pretty cool too.

Milton Shak gave the presentation, building an invoice system from the ground up, stepping through the process of creating a common set of table occurrences for each table in the database.  Sensitive to everyone’s level of experience, Milton made no assumptions about our experience drawing an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD), and dove right in to how FileMaker handles the concept.  Even the seasoned developers in attendance appreciated revisiting the practice of using a well organized relationship graph.

Look for Milton’s example database and other materials that will be available for download in the Solutions section.

We started the meeting on time as always.  Milton’s presentation took an hour, plus half an hour of Q&A.  We spent the last 30 minutes for open discussion.  Suggestions for our next meeting included best layout design practices, conditional formatting, and script triggers.  It was also proposed that we use the last half hour to break up into focus teams.  Members would bring their laptops and work directly on their issues along side others who are interested or struggling with similar issues.

Stay tuned for the next meeting announcement and agenda.  Until then, have a great FileMaker Weekend.