Noriko, Jesse, Mike, Jordan, Sandi, Milton, Jaye, James, JJ, and several others who arrived a little late.

We had a really great meeting in November, and not just because Milton showed off an iPad Mini.  Jesse Pu’a of In Touch Info Tech systems joined us.  As an IT consultant and solutions and service provider, he’s seen a lot of database systems.  But when it came to deciding on a new system for his own company, FileMaker was the compelling choice.

The format for the meeting was Jesse assuming the role of the “customer”, and the more experienced members of the group took the role of FileMaker “developer”.  We discussed the needs of his database and reviewed the all important design aspects of a good database.  Then we got to work actually building it.

The less experienced members of the group received important training on the fundamentals of good design.  Sometimes we inherit databases from others, and don’t always understand the initial logic used to create it.  By starting a database from scratch, we’re reminded of the issues the initial designers may have faced.

Everyone contributed to the design and development of the sample database.  We kept things simple and stuck to the basics.  Above all, we had fun laughing over the complex and challenging issues that arise even with a seemingly simple solution.