Don’t Forget FileMaker Fans,

We have an exciting meeting today at 4pm at La Pietra.  There are two changes to the agenda.

First Change:  Refreshments will be served courtesy of Island Network Solutions, LLC!

Second Change:  I’ll  kick off our “Designated Driver” party by creating an empty FileMaker database.  In FileMaker Advanced I’ll convert it to “KiosK Mode”.  This will make our little community app look much cleaner in FileMaker Go.  Then I will upload it to FileMaker Server.

From that point on, we can all develop the app simultaneously. This experience will show us some of the limitations of co-development or working on a solution while clients are connected. But we’ll also see our work appear before our eyes in real-time!  It also means you won’t be limited to 10 minutes, and not everyone will be watching you work.  Pheew! Pressure off.  It’s going to be crazy and fun.

So bring a laptop with FileMaker Pro 12 or FileMaker Advanced 12.  I’ll bring several laptops with FileMaker 12 to share around.

See you at 4,