October saw our lightest attendance to date – TWO enthusiasts – including the moderator.  Hey, it’s all good.  Tracy is normally very reserved, so enjoyed some valuable one on one attention to her issues.  I always said that if just one member shows up, or even nobody, that the meeting will still go on.  It’s about dedication and commitment.  You can’t develop a FileMaker database without committing to it and seeing it through no matter how hard or lonely it gets.   For me as a developer, the most enjoyable part of the job is listening to a user’s challenges.  Novice users speak in the most innocent and unassuming terms when describing what they want their database to do.  Every wish list item is an opportunity to  find the best solution.  I walked away from this meeting with the spark of an idea to a problem that’s been bothering me for years.  And the following day I solved it.  So October was one of the most enjoyable and rewarding meetings to date.  That’s not to say don’t show up, no no no.  It just means you get out of things what you put into them.