The Hawaii FileMaker User Group is lead by Kent Roller, President of Island Network Solutions, LLC.

The idea of a local user group was proposed by Glen Suarez, FileMaker’s former Western Region Sales Manager, during DevCon 2009.  The idea was simple; Promote the use of FileMaker in the five-oh by bringing the user community up to speed with advancements in the platform.  FileMaker is evolving at a rapid pace, and is the ideal database engine for the broad base of small businesses in Hawaii.

Less than a year later, we held our first user group, attended by 37 representatives from a variety of organizations around the state.  What struck me was the thirst for more information about how to achieve specific database management goals using FileMaker.  Therefore, finding practical ways to make database users and developers more efficient  is the foundation of this user group.

We hope you’re able to join the group and attend the meetings.  We’re all about helping the new user, having fun, and extending aloha to the FileMaker community.