3rd Meeting A Charm

The focus of the November 5, 2010 meeting was “anchor buoy” relationship graph design.  Eleven attendees relearned an effective way to structure table occurrences in FileMaker’s relationship graph.

Milton’s humble demeanor and unbridled enthusiasm for FileMaker made for an enjoyable and informative presentation. His MacBook Air was pretty cool too.

Milton Shak gave the presentation, building an invoice system from the ground up, stepping through the process of creating a common set of table occurrences for each table in the database.  Sensitive to everyone’s level of experience, Milton made no assumptions about our experience drawing an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD), and dove right in to how FileMaker handles the concept.  Even the seasoned developers in attendance appreciated revisiting the practice of using a well organized relationship graph.

Look for Milton’s example database and other materials that will be available for download in the Solutions section.

We started the meeting on time as always.  Milton’s presentation took an hour, plus half an hour of Q&A.  We spent the last 30 minutes for open discussion.  Suggestions for our next meeting included best layout design practices, conditional formatting, and script triggers.  It was also proposed that we use the last half hour to break up into focus teams.  Members would bring their laptops and work directly on their issues along side others who are interested or struggling with similar issues.

Stay tuned for the next meeting announcement and agenda.  Until then, have a great FileMaker Weekend.

Dynamic Menu topic posted in Solutions

The details of the main presentation from the Sept 24, 2010 meeting – Dynamic Menus – has been posted in solutions.

Kent is the developer and has access to all layouts.

Brad and Angelina have their own list of layouts allowed by their security group. Each instance of the menu is on the same menu layout, updated dynamically depending on the current user.

This is an advanced topic involving scripts, repeating global fields, the security model, and conditional formatting.  Building the solution had many of us scratching our heads, but the benefits of the end result were obvious and exciting.  Please read through the solution and you’ll find that it’s not that difficult.  The hard parts are provided for you in the downloadable demonstration.

2nd Meeting Benefitted All

We had a very personal, 10 person group for our second meeting. Not bad for a hot, Friday afternoon.  The La Pietra Atherton Conference room was cool , the new executive chairs comfortable, and the new ceiling mounted projector a pleasure to watch.  Members ranged from people looking for developers to help them with their projects, to independent developers wrangling a number of projects, to business owners looking to better leverage their FileMaker system.

We started on time and introduced ourselves and gave brief descriptions of our projects and top concerns.  Then it was on to seeing FileMaker Go in action, connected to a live database.  It was interesting watching an iPhone screen projected six feet wide. Wish they were always that easy to read.   One of the highlights was browsing Google Maps within a FileMaker web viewer.  The functionality of FileMaker Go seems unlimited.

Then it was on to the main topic of the meeting – Dynamic Menu – which combines many features of FileMaker into one highly useful solution: The security model, layout names, advanced scripting with global variables, conditional formatting, and button parameters.  The presentation and demo files will be available in SOLUTIONS later this weekend.

We wrapped things up with a quick demonstration of setting up a “join” file for a many to many relationship, and then unanimously agreed that the next meeting should focus on the relationship graph.  Milton will speak about “anchor buoy” relationship modeling.

So use the JOIN form or register on this site so we can let you know the date of the next meeting.

Have a great FileMaking weekend!

Agenda for 2nd Meeting

Two hours will go by fast so we’ll try to follow this agenda today.

Introduction to our website: 10 minutes

Solicit volunteers for house keeping duties: 10 minutes:

  • Time keeper – keep topics and presentations moving and within allotted duration
  • Track who volunteers to present at upcoming meetings – followup with presenters prior to each meeting
  • Take meeting minutes and post in News
  • Moderate the website – proofread posts and approve comments

Topic #1: 15 min. Briefly discuss Tech Republics article “We’re entering the decade of the developer” and how FileMaker will better allow us to surf that wave. Includes a real-world demonstration of FileMaker Go connecting to FileMaker Server over 3G.

Topic #2: 30 min. Using the Security model to abstract a navigation menu that automatically and dynamically displays available layouts based on the users group. (briefly shown at the July meeting), presented by Kent Roller.

Open Discussion: 30 min. Members help members on any topic at any level of difficulty.

Closing: 15 min. What would members like to cover in the next meeting?

Decade of the Developer

This Tech Republic article provides ample reason to develop your development skills.  FileMaker is the perfect platform to get up to speed and catch this fast moving wave.

The technology world remains in the midst of a relentless transformation and the changes sweeping the industry over the next decade will make developers, not IT pros, the new superstars.

HFMUG gets a home

As much as I wanted to publish an all FileMaker website using Instant Web Publishing, we need our website ready for the next meeting and WordPress is unbeatable for fast blogging.  But wait, look at this: Lauren Kuhlman has a great post on linking FileMaker and WordPress! That would be a good subject for one of our meetings.  So much potential, so little time.  Anyway here it is, our own website.  Glen can stop sending the invitations out for us now.

If you are not already on our email list to receive meeting announcements,  be sure to join in.  Meeting attendees must RSVP so our host knows how many to expect.

Our second meeting is this Friday, September 24, 3-5pm at La Pietra.  Glen Suarez sent the announcement to all those who attended the first meeting.  If you didn’t RSVP to him, please do so.

First Meeting

We held our first meeting on July 15, 2010 at La Pietra Hawaii School For Girls, and organization avidly invested in FileMaker for online application processing and admissions administration.  The marketing team from FileMaker was in town for a week and graciously spent the morning with us, giving an in-depth demonstration of the new features packed into FileMaker 11, not to mention treating us to a smorgashboard of  malasadas and ono pupus.

Here’s Alexie Folger, Senior Systems Engineer putting the new Charting functions throug their paces.

Glen in the standing room only area, keeping tabs on Alexie’s time which she never has enough of.  We could have absorbed info all day, or until the malasadas ran out.